In the next three days, Jio will start testing of its new phone. Reliance Jio will be commercially launching the new 4G feature phone in a couple of months. The thing which makes this device different is its price tag and 4G connectivity. Apart from the connectivity, the company is also claiming the device is effectively free but the user still has to pay a reasonable price of Rs 1500, which can be refunded after three years.

The market is expecting the device to be launched on July 21, during the Annual meeting of Reliance. The company has also stated that the device will be available for testing by August 15 and users can pre-book the device from August 24. The company is promoting their new phone by saying ‘India ka Smartphone’ so that they can target more crowd and get a good response, just like the Jio Sim card. The Mumbai-based company is also planning to provide exclusive data plans for the device.

Reliance Jio might be successful in targeting the common man but high-class people have no reason to buy this phone, they can afford it but this device has nothing which can convince them.However, Idea Cellular-Vodafone is also planning to launch a cheap 4G smartphone at Rs 2,500.



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