Cyber security of the public is always at stake especially nowadays with its increasing influence in everyday life. In a recent breakthrough,  search engine giant Google had to remove over 300 apps from play store to secure devices from getting hijacked. It escalated researchers from Akamai discovered that a couple of seemingly harmless apps which compromised host devices’ security for DDoS attacks.

In a blog post by, the content delivery network, Akamai researchers on August 17th, it was allegedly implied that a botnet named WireX corrupted many a few CDNs and other providers. Stated that at least 70,000 devices have been affected by this malicious software which is in the process of being removed. Akamai intends to identify all devices affected and to quarantine networks in collaboration with Google, CloudFlare, RiskIQ, Flashpoint, Team Cymru and Oracle researchers.

The attacks were identified by Akamai’s security researchers when it hit one of its clients.
Earlier this month, a client of Akamai, a multi-national corporation was hit with a few hundred thousands of IPs addresses. It reportedly caught the attention of Akamai security experts as soon as the attack took place. Now their analysis combined with more cyber experts from other companies are being analyzed. Nearly 300 of such apps have already been removed from the AppStore to secure devices of common users everywhere and the affected devices are also being reached to have them quarantined.

The credibility of google play store is undeniably breached every time given that it has some best of everything (Workers to software to apps and everything) available in the world. Recently, researchers found banking malware in the play store, stated that Google booted several apps containing hidden surveillance software not a long time ago. So, it’s advised best to briefly check the trustability before installing apps on your devices. At a minimum, a short walkthrough of the developer and the permissions the app requires would do most of the work. although Google is implying it machine learning capabilities to cope up cyber threats, it’s best to be aware of latest developments in cyber crime. Be aware, be safe. With that said, until next time…


Posted by Sachin Surana

Since August, 2017 I have have the pleasure of honing my writing skills with wordpress, at Techitimes. My other writing interests include Philosophy, Politics, Travel and a bit'o Business world. Based in Indore, as of now, I am pursuing my Civil engineering from Medi-caps Institute of Science and Technology, Indore.

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