Apple has finally launched the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and the iPhone X at Steve jobs in Cupertino. As Tim Cook revealed the next gen iPhones, which he says will set the path of technology for the next decade, stating, “It is the biggest leap forward since the original iPhone.”

The upgraded versions of Apple 7 and 7+( iPhone 8 and 8+) come loaded with the  64-bit hex core, A11 Bionic chipset. As stated by Apple itself as the most powerful chips ever to be in a smartphone. These bionic chips are said to be resembling neural networks and are smarter, with 25% faster performance cores and 70% faster high-efficiency cores, in comparison with the A10 chipset. An improvised battery life is also stated to last 2 hours more than the iPhone 7.

Now coming to the cameras, it looks like, keeping traits from previous iPhones is a tradition in Apple, thereby providing an upgraded version of a single camera in iPhones 8 and dual 12mp cameras on 8+. Yet, Apple promises its users an extraordinary experience for the game of portraits on the new iPhones. Users can try this as a Beta version in portrait mode. This mode enables the camera to analyze the lighting on the subject in real time and manipulate it(also in real time). It comes as an extended menu for portrait mode in the camera.

Teasing AirPower, a wireless charging system for the next gen iPhones, Apple seems to be taking a leap forward in technological aspects. Rather than being a mere style statement in terms of evolution. The system is to be revealed next year in global markets.

Launching multiple technologies, yet the real show stealer was iPhone X. Highly anticipated, much rumored, the iPhone X is something that defines the difference between up-gradation and evolution. sporting an edge to edge, OLED super retina display. With the introduction of face recognition in 3-dimensional aspects, Apple introduces to us the upcoming era of no buttons. The use of 3d imaging technology, superior security and ease of utility, we actually withhold the power of speaking with our eyes. As stated by Tim himself, the upcoming iPhone will be the start of the next decade of an era of smart technology from Apple. Introducing all new range of emojis, Apple actually found a way to sneak augmented reality into our daily lives. Apple also introduced a whole new level of gaming in augmented reality, with real-time camera sensors’ induction.

The iPhone X is launched in space gray and silver colors, with two storage configurations — 64GB priced at $999, and the 256GB version starting from a whopping $1,149. Inviting pre orders for the iPhone X from October 27th, and shipping to start from November 3rd. On the other hand, Apple iPhone 8 and 8 Plus are launched in three colors. The starting price of iPhone 8 is $699 and 8 Plus, $799, both for 64gb versions and 256GB models for $849 and $949, respectively. Apple invites preorders for iPhone 8 and 8+, right from this September 15th, with shipping set to start on September 22nd.

Meanwhile, Apple has not revealed the actual price of Apple iPhone in India. The price of the iPhone X has speculated anywhere from 85k to a whopping hundred and two grand. While iPhone 8 and 8 Plus are estimated to be priced around the ranges of Rs 55-75k and Rs 65-90k respectively. Although the exact prices and launch dates in India are yet to be revealed by Apple.

Alongside the launch of other technologies such as Apple TV and smart watch, Apple had briefings on the social aspects of its existence and the emotional and social motto nurtured at Apple. The show started with “Welcome to the Steve Jobs Theater” on screen with a speech from Steve Jobs and ended with Tim stating a Steve Jobs quote, “One of the ways that I believe people express their appreciation to the rest of humanity is to make something wonderful and put it out there.”


Posted by Sachin Surana

Since August, 2017 I have have the pleasure of honing my writing skills with wordpress, at Techitimes. My other writing interests include Philosophy, Politics, Travel and a bit'o Business world. Based in Indore, as of now, I am pursuing my Civil engineering from Medi-caps Institute of Science and Technology, Indore.

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