Super Mario Run may not have earned as much revenue as Nintendo would have expected but that hasn’t stopped the gaming company from supporting the game with frequent updates, developers are still trying to make it more innovative for its gamers. According to the post on App Store, some new additions are made to the game, and they appear to be rather substantial. Here are some of the updates hits on September 29 for Android and iOS.

  • Super Mario Run Remix 10 is a new mode that lets you play a set of 10 super short sections from Super Mario Run’s existing levels in quick succession. Each of its attempt throws up new layouts and challenges with rainbow-hued medals to collect, this update will make the game more innovative and exciting.
  • Rescuing Princess Daisy in Super Mario Run Remix 10 mode unlocks her as a playable character in all of Super Mario Run’s game modes. Her unique ability is a double jump, which can only be used by her.
  • Moreover, Nintendo is also adding a new world to roam around. known as World Star, it has nine levels and is unlocked when you finish all the stages of Worlds one through six.
  • Gamers can finally play their own music during the game, doing so reflects in-game what with Mario and friends wearing headphones.
  • To celebrate all these new updates, Super Mario Run will be 50 percent off for two weeks starting from September 29. You can now avail all the Super Mario Run’s worlds and features for Rs. 400 ($5) instead of the usual Rs. 800 ($10).


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