In this innovative and fast world, every tech company is trying to launch something different, innovative, useful and above all Google is eyeing on to prepare universal translators that can help you in knowing what everyone around you is talking about. This move will take the technology one step closer to reality. This is not the first time when any tech company thought about voice translation. Previously, Microsoft has talked about launching real-time voice translation for Skype. Google’s Sundar Pichai has officially said that the company is close to releasing some kind of wearable translator as well, in the Pixel launch event.

Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google stated that “We are making extraordinary progress in certain things you know. For example, AI is now able to translate much better than ever before – close to human level translation, we are constantly making progress. But I do think in a few days we will be talking about something by which you can wear it in your ears and you know and you can speak with two people and it will make this process of translation more seamless. The ambient computing means that you go to a device, start is off, and work with that device,” he added. “To me, ambient computing is that you are going about your day to day life and computing is there, working for you. So if I run into someone that I need to speak from Hindi to English, you know, it can happen right there, maybe with a watch, maybe a headphone. If you are at home it’s something like Google home, or you know, the TV. Any screen in front of you can help when it needs to.”

However, although the company the company has planned and created a team but this process will be going to take a couple of years before we get to the science fiction scenario of just walking up to people and getting great translations whenever needed, talking to people will help the team in thinking broadly and what measures and precautions can be taken while making the product.




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