Without making noise Google has quietly launched Google Domains, which is a Web domain registrar service platform in India. Currently, the service is available in beta phase in the country, and presently the company is not offering any incentive or other deals to customers because it’s too early for them to rely on customers and to come up with any deal or offers. By launching Google Domains, Google is competing with other web hosting platforms like BigRock, GoDaddy, Hostgator, Bluehost, Namecheap and other registrar services. Google Domains has a simple user interface, perhaps the toughest thing a customer has to go through when setting up a domain.From buying the domain to setting it up with an additional offer of GSuite, Google Domains has all the specifics in a user-friendly manner. At the time of registration, Google Domains verifies that if the customer would like to hide the details they are submitting to ICANN. Registration and setting up the domain are easy to handle, with straightforward sections to configure the DNS and to make use of customised email addresses. Customers can also purchase the customised email addresses from the dashboard itself, by signing up for GSuite, paid services from Google.


This brings us to the second aspect of this platform. If you have any experience of purchasing a domain before from any popular registrar, you may have gotten accustomed to claiming a domain for under Rs. 500 but Google is charging more than Rs. 800 for standard .com domains. However, registrars often throw in a bunch of custom email addresses customers can assign at no charge.



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