On this festive occasion, the Income Tax Department has launched an ‘online chat’ platform for taxpayers so that they can seek answers and get redressal for their grievance and other basic queries and doubts relating to direct tax issues. A chat window has been hosted on the official page of the department’s website with an icon stating ‘Live Chat Online- ask your query’.

The officer from the Income Tax Department mentioned that “A team of experts from the department and independent tax practitioners has been deputed to answer the general queries of a taxpayer. This first-time initiative is aimed to enhance taxpayer services in the country.” He further added, “more features would be added to the online chat system based on the feedback received by the department.”

Any person or taxpayer can easily get into the ‘chat room’ by furnishing an email-id and ask questions as a guest. Apart from this, an option has also been provided to the taxpayer for emailing the entire chat to their ids for future reference.

However, the official website has a precautionary note at the beginning stating that “The replies are based on the opinion of the expert and in no manner it should be interpreted as the clarification by the Income-tax Department on any matter”. This note clears all the liability from their side and the department is not at all liable if their query has not resolved. Previously in 2016, the IT department had set up a newly dedicated directorate within its establishment to monitor and resolve grievances of taxpayers, so it’s not the first time when government department tried to reduce the problems.



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