Canadian multinational company, BlackBerry has recently introduced new cyber-security consulting services eyeing on to enabling enterprise ‘General Data Protection Regulation’ compliance and mitigating security risks in related automobiles section that threatens the personal and public safety of the users and anyone can easily hack or sneak into their data. Apart from this, the company mentioned that new BlackBerry Cybersecurity Consulting will guide organizations and companies through the process of understanding how to manage and protect the company details and also how General Data Protection Regulation applies to the organisation and how to achieve a competitive readiness posture for the better functioning. This process will come into existence in the month of May 2018 and applicable to all the enterprises controlling or processing Personally Identifiable Information, also known as PII of European Union residents, General Data Protection Regulation demands major changes to the ways organizations may collect and use Personally Identifiable Information for customers and employees.

While talking about security, Carl Wiese, Global Head of Sales at BlackBerry Security Summit organised in London stated that “Having been engaged with the EU Justice Directorate-General since 2012, we understand the GDPR requirements and have developed expertise to help address the full range of GDPR implications for enterprises, from situational assessment to offering Data Protection Officer as a service.” He further added that “In addition to consulting services, we provide many necessary software solutions, making BlackBerry a one-stop shop for GDPR compliance. BlackBerry’s cyber-security consulting practice builds on decades of experience in information security, data protection, and cyber-resilience to support our clients in protecting their most valuable assets, as hacking evolves and new threats arise, our new cyber-security consulting services will help play a critical role in the development of secure connected and autonomous vehicles.”

Currently, there are around 112 million vehicles connected around the world. The global market for automotive cyber-security is expected to raises to $759 million (around Rs. 4,925 crores) till 2023, said by Automotive Cybersecurity and Connected Car Report from IHS Automotive. The Canada-based company will now also offer new services directly and through a new partner programme focusing on to helping the eliminate security vulnerabilities within connected and autonomous vehicles.




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