Twitter has received negative feedback from users all over the world for not taking any action on combat against hate speech, trolls and online harassment. The social media platform has considered all the complaints against them and come back with an announcement of several steps to tackle the similar problems. Now, it has officially announced that the new set of rules will come into existence from November 22 onwards and there will be strict action taken by the platform against a person not following it. Recently, in a tweet published by @TwitterSafety account, the company stated that “We will now launch our policies on violent groups and hateful imagery and hate symbols on Nov 22. During the development process, we received valuable feedback that we’re implementing before these are published and enforced.”

Dorsey’s Twitter further explained how it has updated the non-consensual nudity policy to protect and secure the victims from any fraudulent activity. The tweets mentioned, “We’ve updated our non-consensual nudity policy to better protect victims by expanding the types of content we remove, harsher penalties for offenders, and more rigorous review for accounts that post this type of media.” Earlier in last week, Twitter also published a blog post regarding the same problem and explaining why it takes time to implement new rules and regulations. The blog post said, “We write one set of rules for the hundreds of millions of people who use Twitter and the hundreds of millions of Tweets sent every day. Given that scale, we’ve built a process that gives us time to recognize the impact of what these changes mean for everyone.”

Moreover, the blog post further mentioned to how the company gets inputs from a variety of people from all over the world. “We gather input from around the world so that we can consider diverse, global perspectives around the changing nature of online speech, including how our rules are applied and interpreted in different cultural and social contexts. Making a policy change requires in-depth research around trends in online behavior, developing language that sets expectations around what’s allowed, and reviewer guidelines that can be enforced across millions of Tweets.”
Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter had also posted a series of tweets on Twitter’s seriousness to tackle online hate, abuse, and harassment to protect its users.


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