Broadcasted message to a wrong chat? Maybe you drunk texted your ex? Worry no more, WhatsApp is all set to launch message revoke option. Whatsapp’s reportedly been testing the new message revoke feature. This’ll enable users to delete messages after being sent.

It’s been a while with all the rumors running around, but it’s clear that beta testing for this feature has already begun. Some users have already been a part, stating about an option popping up with a trash can icon. They say that this allows them to delete messages, reportedly even including attachments and location pins, for up to 7 minutes after being sent. There may also be an option to delete for selected users only when sent in a group. Needless to say but, this option will work on the latest version. Some users even stated about message revoked kind of text being displayed after use of the feature.

As far as Indian context is concerned, this feature may give rise to increased crime rates. As we get in the news every day about the cybercrime departments already struggling with thefts, rapes, extortions and other crimes through social media. The rising sense of freedom on the internet is already enough to create utter chaos on daily basis. Although we hope for the best to arrive.



Posted by Sachin Surana

Since August, 2017 I have have the pleasure of honing my writing skills with wordpress, at Techitimes. My other writing interests include Philosophy, Politics, Travel and a bit'o Business world. Based in Indore, as of now, I am pursuing my Civil engineering from Medi-caps Institute of Science and Technology, Indore.


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