If being unable to type in Virtual Reality was your biggest concern then tech giants Logitech has got just the thing for you. Logitech aims to introduce keyboards which would help type in VR. The device is made by Logitech jointly with HTC Vive group. The keyboard is part of a set of hardware and software which collectively form a part of ‘Bridge Developers Kit’.

The kit includes a range of software to help application and game developers. Apart from that, it contains a Keyboard and an accessory that connects the keyboard to Vive sensor.  The keyboard will work with HTC Vive VR and would support the Steam VR system. The keyboard would not only trace the keys a person would press on the keyboard but also his hand movements. This would make it easier to adjust your position and would help simplify a range of actions. Logitech has also confirmed that the keyboard would be customizable in VR and thus each user could have his own personalized keyboard.

The keyboards are currently priced at $150 and the tracker has a price of $99. Logitech is currently accepting applications from developers across the USA and has promised that the first 50 developers kit would be free of cost.

Here, is the announcement video of the product~


Posted by srinivasvenkat

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