Global digital payments, PayPal announced and talked about its Indian operations, which comes after offering cross-border payment services across the country for close to a decade. Apart from this, the company is also targeting the Global Indian and have partnered with merchants catering to this segment giving them a truly global seamless payments experience and with this easy access most of the eCommerce can use it for their payment method.

In a recent statement, PayPal mentioned that “At launch, Indian consumers can use PayPal to shop online at some of India’s most popular businesses. Merchants offering PayPal will be able to process both local and global payments through PayPal, getting access to PayPal’s 218 million customers around the world and in India through a single integration.” The company added that “PayPal has been offering cross-border payments in India for close to a decade enabling SMEs and freelancers to leverage the global opportunity,”

Anupam Pahuja, Country Manager and Managing Director, PayPal India quoted that “India is transitioning away from our biggest competitor – cash – and our digital platform and technology has immense scope to enable this at scale. For us, the marathon has just begun,”

While talking on digitization, Rohan Mahadevan, CEO PayPal Private Limited and SVP, General Manager, APAC said that “India’s digital payments journey is on a high growth trajectory and we are proud to be a part of it. We are excited about our prospects in a market that is highly inspirational and aspirational,”

The Indian government is getting more serious towards digital payments and uplifting such projects, it has also led PayPal to partner with government and state-owned banks on number of initiatives, including digital financial literacy programme and eTourist Visa (eTV) for the citizens and fellowmen, stated by the company.



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