The American video games development company, Unity Technologies is a creator of a popular creation engine that reaches nearly three billion devices across the world and in the recent report, India is ranked third in global gaming installs, surpassing Brazil and Russia. Quoting Unity Analytics, a company statement quoted the latest market research shows India has grown from the ninth position in the month of January this year to the third spot in global install rankings, surpassing Brazil and Russia to become one of the world’s largest gaming markets.

The company is stating a reason behind it by mentioning the spike in India’s adoption of high-end mobile devices with larger RAM size. In one year, mobile device count with 1GB RAM has grown from 31.6 million to 100 million in October 2017 and this can be termed as one of the biggest reason behind this growth.

Quentin Staes-Polet, Director of South Asia Pacific at Unity Technologies mentioned that “Unity analyzed and studied the ongoing market trends and development in the Indian mobile industry. Based on our findings, we believe the mass adoption of high-end mobile devices will give the Indian gaming ecosystem ample opportunity to innovate and provide compelling content to development platforms,”

While talking on growth in India, Chairman of Nasscom Gaming Forum, Rajesh Rao stated that “Driven by the massive rush of cost-effective, high-end smartphones and the 4G revolution that began last year, the Indian mobile gaming market has been expanding at a rapid pace,”

Unity is uniquely ranked to understand trends across the mobile industry, with 87,000 made with Unity games and experiences generating 2.4 billion installs across 1.1 billion unique devices globally each month. However, Tech Mahindra and Unity Technologies announced a partnership on this Thursday. Tech Mahindra in collaborating with Unity will open a Centre of Excellence at its Bengaluru campus, targeting the communication, media, and entertainment segment.



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