It is rightly said that passion has no age and this man is a testament to the fact that through hard work you can achieve what you set your mind and heart to.  Mithaq Kazimi has been the founder of Dawn Breakers International Film Festival, Director/Producer at KDK Factory (a US-based media production house) Founder of Audienced (an accelerator-backed crowdsourcing startup), Managing Producer at Zee’s WION TV and currently Editor-in-Chief at Josh Talks.

Recently he was selected by the prestigious International Film Festival of India (IFFI) as one of the 14 media producers/entrepreneurs innovating in the media-tech space.

Below is my interview with him:

What developed your interest in filmmaking and technology?

The film is about storytelling and technology enables it. So I’m equally interested in the process as I am in the art.


What according to you is your biggest contribution in the field of technology?

I don’t think I’ve contributed much yet, but some of my attempts have been backing some 50+ crowdfunded projects (, founding an accelerator-funded startup (Audienced backed by Boomtown Accelerator) and producing VR films (


You were already an accomplished film producer. What inspired you to become a ‘Technology Founder’?

Need. I had films I needed to distribute and technology eliminated the risks of distribution, so I took it on.


How social media is impacting filmmakers and filmmaking?

If you can’t or aren’t planning to make a 15-second “Snapchat film” or a 1-minute “instaMovie,” you may not be a relevant content creator to the younger generation.


What is the scope of technology in this film industry?

There are people who’ll adopt technology because there isn’t a way out and there are those who adopt it because it is part of the evolving cinematic journey.


What are the current trends in the media tech space that writers and media professionals must be aware of?

  • Crisp storytelling for the new wave of distribution platforms.
  • Going beyond the confines of traditional 2D screens and into immersive 3D and the like.


Do you think can technology outsmart content in the films?

As an example, Netflix has proved that tech could be used to create award-winning content. They use user-data to create their shows. Give the subject a read if interested.


How do you manage a lot of work?

Be one yourself and part of a team who aren’t satisfied with the ordinary.


What makes you motivated?

Knowing that most of your ideas are not good or achievable, but you give them a try anyway. And beyond the challenge, knowing that somewhere in the universe, you’ve perhaps made a little difference in a tangible way.


What do you look into a candidate before hiring him/her?

In recent years, I may have interviewed some 300 people for WION and about a 100 for Josh Talks. One thing is for sure, a candidate must have vision (for both their own lives and the company) and know exactly what they can bring to the table and admit what they can’t.


Do you also feel that big institutions produce big brains?

It is very hard.


What are future plans and vision?

Learn. Refine. Repeat.



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