The recent technical collaboration between Cryptsoft and Intel has expanded to deliver a range of toolkits designed to deliver hardware-based key management and security solutions ready for use by worldwide. Utilizing Intel Software Guard Extensions, Cryptsoft has crafted a wide range of SDKs enabling hardware and software solutions to rapidly and reliably integrate cryptographic functionality and encryption key management capabilities into their products. One of the highest priorities explained with this collaboration is that of securing cloud-based applications and infrastructure. Being able to deploy a hardware-based security solution for securing a cloud user’s data and applications within the data path presents a fundamental reduction in complexity and cost impact traditionally imposed by network HSMs to meet security requirements.

Tim Hudson, Chief Technical Officer of Cryptsoft mentioned that “This new range of products really changes the way we think about traditional hardware security. Having the capability to deploy into, and even across, multiple Intel’s SGX enclaves mean much higher levels of security can be achieved in deployments where existing HSM technology either can’t be deployed or is simply not viable to integrate. He added, “The combination of Intel’s chipset capability and Cryptsoft’s widely deployed range of cryptographic toolkits now enable us to deliver a higher level of security to the market while reducing the cost and complexity of meeting standards and regulatory compliance requirements. This is a big step forward.”

In continuation, Rick Echevarria, General Manager at Platforms Security Division of Intel Corporation stated that “Our collaboration with Cryptsoft aims to deliver a broad range of Intel SGX-based cryptographic key management solutions and OEM-focused security toolkits that will meet the requirements of security suppliers in the global marketplace,”

The range of available toolkits includes Cryptsoft’s Key Management Interoperability Protocol capability, which enables Intel SGX solutions to seamlessly integrate with existing data management and security solutions present in the enterprise.



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