In a recent report by the two Japanese auto giants, they’re collaborating over the introduction of new generation EV’s in Indian markets by 2020. In the wake of the current governments’ vision of making Indian automobile market totally EV based, the two companies are going to work together on this. As per the pact, they signed in February earlier this yr, Suzuki will focus on manufacture and marketing of Electric vehicles while Toyota will adhere to providing Technical support on the same.

The companies need to acquire info on how to promote electric vehicles in India the right way cuz people will be hard to convince. This is based on the fact that earlier also electric 2 wheelers have been launched but acceptance has not been seen, in the Indian market. They’ll also need to work on hyper charging stations and similar roadside assistance over EMVs’ in the coming era.

The wait is or maybe not so long to see the entry of the new generation of transportation if everything goes up to the mark. The companies seem to be serious on this MoU despite the fact that Mahindra and TATA took away the first 500’s supply outta 10,000 of EMVs’ in August. We can just imagine that with the introduction of EVs’ we’ll be able to buy Tesla’s and who knows if anything new comes up in between as well. Let us wait and watch how this curve takes its path and reaches the destination.

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Posted by Sachin Surana

Since August, 2017 I have have the pleasure of honing my writing skills with wordpress, at Techitimes. My other writing interests include Philosophy, Politics, Travel and a bit'o Business world. Based in Indore, as of now, I am pursuing my Civil engineering from Medi-caps Institute of Science and Technology, Indore.

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