Social networking company, Twitter is testing Tweetstorm feature in late September, and at the same time, was hidden from users. The feature allows the Twitterati to easily create a chain of individual tweets that exceed Twitter’s 280 character limit for messages. However, it’s starting to appear on alpha and beta builds of the Twitter app for Android and iOS. Previously, This feature was not activated yet but it now appears to be going live for some users. The Tweetstorm feature is speculated to be part of the Twitter v7.24.0 alpha for Android, it is uncertain if a server-side switch will activate it. You can sideload the alpha build, which will be more buggy than beta builds, from APK mirror.

On Friday, Android Police reported that “Back in September, a developer discovered a hidden feature in Android’s Twitter app that would allow you to type out several tweets and queue them to send one by one, making it easier to launch a “tweetstorm” without having to type and send each tweet individually.”

Apart from this blog report, Twitter has confirmed to TechCrunch about the testing of the Tweetstorm feature in both the alpha and beta programmes on Android and iOS platforms. Meanwhile, in a major overhaul, the company announced to remove verification badges from users who violate its rules, adding that the micro-blogging platform is reworking on its entire verification system.

The official @TwitterSupport account posted that “We will continue to review and take action as we work towards a new programme we are proud of,”

Earlier this week, The social networking company suspended its account verification exercise, it is a process that gives public figures on the micro-blogging platform a blue check mark next to their names.



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