On Tuesday, Amazon India launches a new programme, Amazon Saheli which is aiming at empowering and enabling women entrepreneurs across the country to sell their products on its marketplace. The online marketplace has collaborated with other different organisations that work to encourage and uplift women entrepreneurship, including Sewa, which stands for Self-employed Women’s Association and Impulse Social Enterprise.

Amazon quoted that, “Women entrepreneurs associated with these partner organizations will be able to offer their products to Amazon.in customers through a dedicated storefront, Saheli Store.”

Gopal Pillai, Director and General Manager of seller services at Amazon India mentioned that “As a part of our commitment to transform how India buys and sells by enabling small entrepreneurs to scale up, we’ve now focused on the challenges faced by women entrepreneurs here to gain visibility and access to resources,”

Jay Carney, senior vice-president, global corporate affairs at Amazon also stated “Promoting entrepreneurship among women has become a key focus area for companies everywhere. E-commerce and specifically the e-marketplace model is a great avenue for women entrepreneurs to benefit from a fast-growing digital economy,”

Earlier this year, the company had conducted a pilot for the store in Nagaland in association with NSDC and the state government. With around 50 independent women entrepreneurs attended the workshop for two days to train them and acknowledge the functioning. Initially, the workshop is comprising handicrafts, apparel, handbags and home decor items, the Saheli Store will gradually scale up to onboard women entrepreneurs selling in different product categories. Besides offering the registered women entrepreneurs access to customers, the store will help them gain access to logistics and fulfillment facilities as well.



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