Instant messaging service platform, Hike Messenger recently added new social features for groups and communities, built within the chat interface itself. This additional feature includes the ability to vote, split bills, create checklists, schedule events with reminders, and the people can also play ‘teen patti’. In the recent statement given by the company, the new social features for groups on its platform. The first primary feature is Vote, which will help the user to create a poll within the group chat with a single tap and by entering information into it the application will directly divide the bill.

Vishwanath Ramarao, CTO of Hike Messenger mentioned that “Our new features will make sharing much easier within the group and raise the fun and productivity quotient. We believe that this could be a key driver for groups to come together,”

This new feature of Bill Split on Hike allows users to share bills with their friends on the group, and then receive money via the Hike Wallet. The Checklist feature is self-explanatory, while the Events with Reminders feature uses the group’s dedicated calendar. Previously, Hike partnered with Airtel Payments Bank to start its digital payment wallet for the betterment of users and other willful subscribers.

As per the partnership, Hike Messenger users will have easy access to Airtel Payments Bank’s merchant and utility payment services and KYC infrastructure. The messaging platform has around 100 million registered users, till date. It is growing by over 30 percent on a month basis. Recently in September, Airtel Payments Bank integrated the Unified Payments Interface on its digital platform.



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