The 34th iteration of the annual Chaos Communication Congress also known as 34C3 is taking place in December, but this time the location has been changed by the organisers and held at the Congress and convention center in Leipzig. Congress had to find a new place for this event because its former venue, the Congress Center Hamburg, will be undergoing a general makeover. This new venue in Leipzig will provide participants much more space to tinker with.

The Congress Center Hamburg was home to the Congress since 2012. Over the years, the organizers developed a strong  friendship with the team on site, so the organisers were little sad when they were leaving the place.

Finding a new location was not at all easy for the team because they need a place which provides sufficient space for every visitor. The large number of participants combined with special demands regarding technology, lecture halls, workshop spaces – as well as areas to party and hang out – pose a challenge to any convention center in Germany. Even the Congress Center Hamburg would not have been able to accommodate any more than last year’s 12.000 participants.

Dirk Engling, spokesperson of Chaos Communication Congress stated that “We’re not trying to grow at all costs, but expanding our cultural reach is very important to us. It’s always painful to be forced to reject more and more interested people at the door each year,”



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