Transport department of India is aiming to boost passenger safety and the Delhi Transport department lead the motive and working on a QR code-based system to keep a track on the autorickshaws and cabs plying on city roads to avoid mishappenings and various other incidents, the passengers can feel more secure while taking public transport. A senior official of transport department stated, the department would set up a control room at its headquarters in Civil Lines so that they can monitor all the autorickshaws and cabs and can also locate the passengers while traveling.

QR code stickers on cabs and autorickshaws would help the passengers to have the basic details of the driver which they could also share with others through their smartphones to protect themselves. Apart from this basic details, it would also provide details of the GPS installed in the vehicle. The senior officer also mentioned that the details of driver and GPS will help in case a passenger, especially women, face any distress while commuting in the vehicle.

In the capital city, there are nearly 90,000 autorickshaws and 60,000 cabs ply on city roads but only around half of them have GPS services. Mandatory installation of GPS will help the department watch the routes taken by the vehicles and the QR code stickers are two-dimensional barcodes that bear the details of the product to which they are affixed or printed.



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