According to the recent report, Reliance Jio will lower the prices of its plans with 1GB data per day by up to Rs. 60 as part of a new Happy New Year 2018 offer. This will lower the base price of Jio plans with 1GB data per day to Rs. 149, down from the current Rs. 199. Moreover, this offer will nullify the tariff revision implemented by the operator in the month of October. Apart from this price cut, Reliance Jio will also launch plans with 1.5GB data per day as part of the exercise. These changes will come into existence from January 9 onwards and many such announcements are still lined up and yet to come. From coming Tuesday, the Rs. 199, Rs. 399, Rs. 459 and Rs. 499 Jio plans will cost Rs. 149, Rs. 349, Rs. 399 and Rs. 449, respectively and further details of the plans, such as the data allocation, calling, and SMS benefits as well as access to free apps, will remain the same and no rectifications will be made to it.

Current price New price Validity Total data (1GB/day)
Rs. 199 Rs. 149 28 days 28GB
Rs. 399 Rs. 349 70 days 70GB
Rs. 459 Rs. 399 84 days 84GB
Rs. 499 Rs. 449 91 days 91GB

With this new 1.5GB data per day plans, the operators are providing the services at Rs. 198, Rs. 398, Rs. 448, and Rs. 498. These are the price points of the 1GB data per day plan, meaning consumers are essentially getting 50 percent more data at the same price.

Price Validity Total data (1.5GB/day)
Rs. 198 28 days 42GB
Rs. 398 70 days 105GB
Rs. 448 84 days 126GB
Rs. 498 91 days 136GB

It is not yet disclosed when the price cuts will end, but according to sources, it can be expected till Tuesday. This offer will come into enforcing in just days before the ongoing Jio promotion with cashback and vouchers of up to Rs. 3,300 ends. The telecom operator has a margin of around 160 million users across the country and has been dictating market terms since its launch. Previously, operators have started offering more data without raising prices on certain popular recharge packs so this recent move can be offered to keep Jio users from moving to other networks.



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