Google-owned video calling mobile app, Google Duo has been spotted on Android with new capabilities that let Duo users make calls to other users who do not have the app installed on their smartphones, this feature will only work on Android devices. It seems to be a result of Google Duo collaborating with Google Play Services, however, the company haven’t given any official confirmation on that front.

A Reddit user named ‘turdbogis’ commented on a information related to Nexus 6P unit, without the Google Duo app installed, was showing up as having Duo installed on another phone. The user and people have also noted that he was able to make a Duo call to this Nexus 6P. Google Duo usually displays two lists, one with the names of users who have installed the app and the other with names of people who haven’t, by seeing the logo you can easily identify whether the user uses the app or not and The second list assigns an Invite button in front of the users to invite your friends and relatives to install the application and make use of other features as well.

The user on Reddit also claimed that a sudden increase in users in the first list indicates that this feature is relatively new and might be because either Google Duo is now an Instant App or is a part of Google Play Services and it’s pre-installed in the Google device. Username “wgn_luv” on Reddit quoted that “Duo will be a default calling service on all Android phones with Google services,”

Another comment on the same thread noted that Google Duo compatibility is now part of the stock Android Dialer and allows calls to non-Duo users. Once the call is over, apparently, the other person is invited to install Duo, if not installed. App Preview Messaging could be another reason behind the rollout. Google Allo is stated to provide support for the App Preview Messaging since launch, albeit with a different UI. Recently, this feature has been spotted on Android phones. Moreover, it is only available for a few users on the contact list, reason for this is still a mystery.



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