Indian digital and mobile entertainment platform, Hotstar is providing long-term plans at value-for-money rates to connect more subscribers and users on board and to expand the area of service. The Star India owned video streaming platform is coming up with three new plans, with the commitment of at least 3 months, under which users will get the service at a lower than its regular charges. So instead of choosing Rs. 199 per month, consumers can use Hotstar at an effective price of Rs. 133, but with a commitment of 9 months. Hotstar is also competing against the video-on-demand platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hooq, etc., across the country.

The new Hotstar plans are valued at different prices, Rs. 498, Rs. 894, and Rs. 1,197 with 3-month, 6-month, and 9-month validities, respectively. Apart from the discount in prices, users can also choose for the one-time Rs. 199 pass, or the Rs. 199 per month recurring billing options. On the Rs. 498 plans, the effective monthly price of the streaming service will become lower to Rs. 166 and saves Rs. 99. Likewise, the Rs. 894 plan with 6-month validity translates to Rs. 149 per month price, and savings of Rs. 300. As for the Rs. 1,197 plan, users will get Hotstar at Rs. 133 per month, and savings of Rs. 594.

By choosing the Rs. 199 plan with recurring billing, a new user is provided with a 30-day free trial. However, the three new Hotstar plans do not have the free trial provision and are non-refundable. The whole sum is Rs. 498, Rs. 894 or Rs. 1,197 – needs to pay the full amount at the time of subscribing. These plans are neither be repeated and nor be renewed at the same prices when the validity expires. Existing users of Hotstar will need to cancel the ongoing subscription and then select one of the new long-term plans in order to avail the savings. While the standard tariff price is lowered, it is still roughly double of the discount Hotstar gave in the previous year, when the company offered a 12-month subscription for Rs. 696.



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