Canadian multinational company, BlackBerry launched a new cybersecurity software, which rectifies vulnerabilities in programs used in self-driving cars. The product is better known as Blackberry Jarvis and is being marketed first to automobile company for a group of customers the former smartphone maker will power its turnaround efforts but could also have applications related to healthcare and industrial automation. The company mentioned that it was offering Jarvis on a pay-as-you-go basis. Blackberry added, Once the device has started every automaker will provide online access to Jarvis and can scan files at every stage of software development.

Previously in 2017, the global “ransomware” attack, dubbed WannaCry, helped the company in raising awareness about BlackBerry’s security software business, which is largely focused on managing secure connections to mobile devices. BlackBerry stated that it had already experimented Jarvis with automaker Tata Motors’Jaguar Land Rover unit and the chief executive quoted that Jarvis reduced the time needed to assess code from 30 days to seven minutes.

Later in the month of September, BlackBerry has announced it would partner with auto supplier Delphi Automotive on a software operating system for self-driving cars. Earlier this month BlackBerry and Chinese Internet search firm Baidu signed a deal to jointly develop self-driving vehicle technology. BlackBerry has also recently signed automotive-related deals with chipmaker Qualcomm and auto supplier Denso and Ford.

John Chen, CEO of BlackBerry, mentioned in a press release that “Connected and autonomous vehicles require some of the most complex software ever developed, creating a significant challenge for automakers who must ensure the code complies with industry and manufacturer-specific standards while simultaneously battle-hardening a very large and tempting attack surface for cyber-criminals,”



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