After hearing a lot about shortage of batteries, Apple has lower the cost of replacement batteries to Rs. 2,000, including everything, there will be no extra or hidden cost charged over it. This battery replacement programme costs is valued at $29 internationally and was set to originally cost around Rs. 2,000 plus taxes (roughly Rs. 2,600) across the country. The new price of replacements under Apple’s battery replacement program for iPhone models with ageing batteries was confirmed by multiple service centres situated across the Delhi-NCR and Mumbai.

iPhone models that are eligible for the battery replacement programme include the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 7, and the iPhone 7 Plus. Previously in December, Apple offered users a chance to get their iPhone batteries replaced at a price that’s lower than usual, After listening to the controversy, it confirmed slowing down phones with ageing batteries to prevent unexpected shutdowns. Before the launch of the battery replacement programme, the cost of out-of-warranty battery replacement was approximately Rs. 6,500 inclusive of all taxes across the country. The price is fixed at Rs. 2,000 for each battery replacement is notably applicable through all Apple authorized service centers across the country.

To replace the battery of your iPhone, you need to follow the simple steps by visiting one of your nearby Apple authorized service centers where a service executive will run a diagnostics test to determine whether your iPhone is eligible for the replacement or not. If the test shows the battery as consumed, the service center will return the handset to you and will call you back whenever the replacement is ready for your device. The current report is also indicating that supply of batteries is limited, with some users facing delays of several weeks.



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