Internet-based photo sharing application, Instagram has launched a new feature on its mobile app. Now users can see the online status for people that they were conversing with on direct messages. Moreover, the feature works even if the person is not following your account. This feature has been spotted by many bloggers, along with other users on Twitter who have been pointing out the sudden rollout. Separately, the site has been testing the features like text-only Stories and a screenshot security feature to secure the Instagram account of users. The new feature on Instagram is similar to ‘Last Seen’ on WhatsApp and ‘Active at’ on Facebook Messenger, it also mentions the time period. It can be accessed by going into the Instagram Direct messages section of the mobile app. It shows the last time stamp when the user was online on the app; it has options like ‘Active now’, ‘Active today’, ‘Active 1h ago’, ‘Active 24m ago’ etc but users can change the visibility of their Active status by going to Settings via the three-dot menu in the app, and toggle the Show Activity Status feature.

The Instagram spokesperson recently talked about its new Active feature, “We’re always working on ways to make it easier to have fun, real-time conversations with friends on Instagram. We recently rolled out the ability to see when people you follow or message in Direct were last active on Instagram, and they can see when you were last active. Activity status only appears in the Direct inbox and you can control the visibility of your active status in Settings.”

Apart from this last seen feature, TheNextWeb mentioned that Facebook-owned Instagram is testing a new ‘Type’ feature that enables text-only, written Stories on the mobile app. While Instagram Stories have always been based on images and video, Instagram has been testing the new Type feature that apparently comes up with other choices such as Boomerang, Rewind, and Superzoom.



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