Google Play has recently announced the launch of Audiobooks. This is a great news for users who prefer books to be read out to them but it’s not yet confirmed, a banner on Google Play displays news about this launch and users are expecting to see this new feature soon. Google may provide discounts coupons and vouchers to the initial audiobook buyers to provide better services in future. For Android users, Google Play is the primary source to download of apps and games, but it also features a lot of other content similar to ebooks, movies, and music, Google is preparing and getting ready for the arrival of this new category on Google Play.

As per the reports, Google has recently posted a banner ad for audiobooks on the Google Play Store. The banner has announced stating the launch to all users on the Web and the Android app, however, we don’t see it. The banner link to the category does not appear to be working at the time of publishing this article. There is no official statement came from the tech-company and nowhere mentioned that Google is planning to launch the audiobooks category on the store, but it is expected to happen soon. Apart from this, the report has also mentioned that the banner posted by Google also indicated a 50 percent discount off the first audiobook purchase.


However, another report quoted that even the Google Play Books app is about to be upgraded with audiobook support. Android Police found references to audiobooks in an APK teardown of the Google Play Books app and found code for several new features, including the upcoming feature, audiobooks. The report also stated that audiobooks and ebooks will be divided into separate tabs.

With Audiobooks facility company is offering a simpler way to search and buy audiobooks will challenge Amazon’s domination in the market. Amazon’s Audible had recently introduced audiobook support on its Kindle devices. Meanwhile, various companies have started providing online reading facility and improving support for audiobooks. Google needs to keep pace if it wants to provide a complete range of digital products through its Play Store.



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