The homegrown e-payment company, Paytm talked about the launch of the Paytm for Business app for Android. The new app provides registered merchants and business partners and also offers the ability to track payments, navigate through past transactions, and track settlements through a mobile app. Merchant partners can also use the app to print out their QR code directly. The new business app is available in 10 regional languages. Paytm for Business app also allows merchants to avail the facilities like raise support tickets, check the status of existing tickets, browse through common FAQs, and get priority access to Merchant Helpdesk.

All Paytm business partners are entitled to 0 percent commission while transferring amount to the bank. Apart from this, it also provides cashless KYC onboarding. Moreover, all partners can accept payments through QR code via payment methods like Paytm, UPI, credit card, and debit card. Initially, the monthly payment receiving is limited to Rs. 50,000 but this can be further increased on a custom request. Recently, Paytm has launched Paytm Cash and released more features which makes it slightly different from the existing system. Paytm Cash can be used for future cashback amounts will be usable only on the Paytm app for actions like shopping, cabs, flight bookings, and much more. However, the cashback earned from purchases will not be available for bank transfer.

As per the reports, Paytm has launched its Business app on the Google Play Store and got 4.4 reviews from over 4000 people till now. This app is easy to use and also allows merchants to view their transactions before the confirmation SMS or email is received. With options like daily, weekly, and monthly statements, Paytm business partners have all the access to information such as UTR numbers of daily bank settlements, bank settlement duration, and more.



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