After waiting for so long, has finally decided that the online portal will not be selling any Nest products after the current stock runs out. Previously, Amazon declined to offer some of Nest’s newer products like the Nest Cam IQ and latest-generation smart thermostat. The eCommerce company ignored the products and being unresponsive to Nest and after waiting for a week, Amazon informed the company about its decision by phone late in the year and said the directive “came from the top,” something Nest took to mean it had been handled by the Chief Executive Officer, Jeff Bezos. However, there has been no direct confirmation of this from any official spokesperson or blog.

Moreover, The home automation producing company, Nest has also decided to stop sending stocks at Amazon once remaining product inventory is exhausted. It’s yet not clear that whether the third-party sellers will continue selling Nest gadgets, but Amazon itself will not. In removing itself from Amazon, Nest’s reasoning is that the powerful retailer should be selling its entire product family or nothing at all. Currently, many of the Nest products are available with Prime shipping, but they’re “fulfilled by Amazon” and actually being sold by other vendors.

A few weeks back, Amazon talked about its acquisition of Ring, a maker of the smart home doorbell and in-home cameras. According to the reports, the company paid over $1 billion for Ring in an attempt to fast-track its mission of making Alexa the dominant digital assistant in the homes of consumers but at the same time the eCommerce company continues to sell similar products from August and other companies, but soon won’t have to worry about promoting one of the company’s main rivals on its own store.



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