Gurgaon based cognitive health & neuroscience startup, NeuroClub is a one-stop shop for your brain. It launches on August, 17 and it’s offering a suite of six OTC products that address various cognitive needs including sustained focus, the ability to store memories longer, stress-management, and protection against negative effects of alcohol. All the products are specially formulated with all-natural ingredients derived from plants native to India.

Dr. Sriraman Damodaran, a neuroscientist and co-founder of NeuroClub have spent the better part of ten years devoted to improving society’s understanding of the brain. Dr. Damodaran further stated “The brain is a mechanism in the same way that a clock is or other organs in the body. When your clock is broken you can tweak something to make it work. When your body is not working properly you can adjust the part that is out of sync so that it operates correctly. The brain is no different. Typically when people can’t focus on work they don’t think there is something in the brain that they can tweak, but there is.”

In the United States, competitive areas like Silicon Valley and college campuses are common with people using external remedies to enhance their cognitive performance. With its growing professional population and the tremendous amount of emphasis placed on academics, the potential demand in India is huge. Moreover, NeuroClub’s all-natural focus differentiates it from smart drugs people might turn to otherwise.

The launch of NeuroClub is the start of a new product category. There are several synthetic drugs on the market for diseases associated with the brain but there are no natural brain formulations like NeuroClub’s. The only all-natural remedies are traditional medicines or dietary supplements/nootropics that while natural does not target specific brain mechanisms.

Till date, the venture has secured ₹2.7 Crore ($400,000 USD) in investment with plans to expand globally after launching in India, and it is part of the Indian government’s Startup Initiative.

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