Google launches it’s payments platform : Google Pay

Google announces that the company is merging, Android Pay and Google Wallet into a single payments platform called Google Pay. the Mountain View giant is apparently looking to streamline operations, like Apple and Samsung are attempting with their respective Apple Pay and Samsung Pay platforms.

List of Best Video Games We Can’t Wait to Play in 2018

The recent arrival of gaming consoles like the Nintendo Switch and Xbox One X also includes long-awaited games like Zelda: Breath of the Wild, it’s not an exaggeration to say 2017 was a landmark year for video games. Here’s a list of games directing at what’s coming to the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

HBO delayed the release year of Game of Thrones Season 8

HBO has officially confirmed the most awaited news that its flagship hit series Game of Thrones is taking a year off from the web and will come back in 2019. HBO quoted, “The epic fantasy series Game of Thrones will return for its six-episode, eighth and final season in 2019.”

Reliance Jio is offering price cut on 1GB Data Per Day on Tuesday

Reliance Jio will lower the prices of its plans with 1GB data per day by up to Rs. 60 as part of a new Happy New Year 2018. This will lower the base price of Jio plans with 1GB data per day to Rs. 149, down from the current Rs. 199. This will come into existence from January 9 onwards.

Nissan will Unveil “Brain-to-Vehicle” Technology at CES 2018

The Japanese company will release and test its “brain-to-vehicle” technology at next week in the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The “brain-to-vehicle” system requires a driver to wear a skullcap that measures brain-wave activity and transmits its readings to steering.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds sets new record with three million players

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is one of the biggest games on the planet and it continues to grow by providing high-level gaming technique and battleground. The developer of the game said it has spoken with Netflix and people in Hollywood about extending the game to new mediums to increase its users.

Apple acquires Buddybuild at undisclosed amount

Apple has acquired Canadian startup Buddybuild, a mobile iteration platform focused on building integration and debugging tools for iOS developers, for an undisclosed sum. The spokesperson from Buddybuild added that they will no longer accept any new customer to provide services.

list of 7 tech jobs that will rise in 2018

We have identified that Cybersecurity Analyst, Network Engineering, Vulnerability assessment manager, Technical support specialist, Machine learning engineer, Network analyst and Cloud engineer are some of the key job roles companies require as they transform their businesses and processes for the future.

List of best technologies that died in 2017

2017 introduced various kind of smartphones and updated the existing one into new, the Nintendo Switch and more are the examples of it. However, it also killed off the iPod Nano, AOL Instant Messenger, and possibly, net neutrality.

Delhi is planning to use QR Codes to track Autos, Cabs

Transport department of India is aiming to boost passenger safety and the Delhi Transport department lead the motive and working on a QR code-based system to keep a track on the autorickshaws and cabs plying on city roads to avoid mishappenings and various other incidents.

Nintendo Switch homebrew might become a reality

Nintendo Switch homebrew may soon be a reality. A recent hacking conference in Germany, 34c3 saw a team of thinkers and hackers which are Plutoo, Derek, and Naehwert gave a presentation on kernel hacks for the Nintendo Switch.

Apple apologises for slowing down the existing iPhones

Calfornia based tech company also announced a $50 reduction in the cost of iPhone battery replacements, which comes down from $79 to $29 and an iOS software update provides updates on iPhone battery health in the coming year.

WATCH LIVE : 34th Chaos Communication Congress 2017

The 34th iteration of the annual Chaos Communication Congress also known as 34C3 is taking place in December, but this time the location has been changed by the organisers and held at the Congress and convention center in Leipzig.

John McAfee claims his Twitter account was hacked

British-American computer programmer, John McAfee’s mentioned that his Twitter account was hacked and the hackers are using it to run ‘coin of the day’ series recommending and promoting lesser-known cryptocurrencies.

New Smartphone App will locate people in areas without network

The researchers at the Universidad de Alicante in Spain makes it possible to locate people who are suffering from an accident in remote locations without a phone signal and where a speedy rescue has to be sent in an emergency to save lives of affected people.

Paytm crosses 100 Million Downloads on Google Play

Paytm announced that its Android app has become “India’s first payments app to cross 100 million downloads on Google Play”, which is a big accomplishment for payment app. The growth has evolved in the weeks after the Paytm app has received BHIM UPI functionality via Paytm Payments Bank.

Vodafone confirmed to launch its 4G VoLTE Services in January

Vodafone India has confirmed the biggest rumor of its Voice over LTE (VoLTE) services beginning from mid-January 2018 and will be available in major cities like Mumbai, Gujarat, Delhi, Karnataka, and Kolkata and will be extended across the country.

Zanco’s t1 claims to be the World’s Smallest Mobile Phone

Zanco tiny t1 claims to be the smallest mobile phone in the world, the latest model has been listed on a Kickstarter campaign. As this report stated, the campaign has achieved around ₹18.92 lakh of its aiming figure, ₹21.45 lakh.

Hike Messenger adds Social Features includes Bill Split, Voting to Groups

Hike Messenger recently added new social features for groups and communities, built within the chat interface itself. This additional feature includes the ability to vote, split bills, create checklists, schedule events with reminders, and the people can also play ‘teen patti’.

Twitter launches Moments feature for everyone in India

Twitter launches a new feature Moments which is available to everyone in India. Twitter is eyeing on to make it easier for people to discover latest Moments across news, entertainment and sports categories with the new Explore tab featuring Moments by Twitter’s Curation team.

Google’s Launchpad Accelerator includes 4 new Indian Startups

Google announces four selected Indian startups for its hands-on mentorship programme ‘Launchpad Accelerator’. This batch consists of 30 Indian startups have so far joined the class. The names of those shortlisted startups are as follows: BabyChakra, m.Paani, NIRAMAI and SocialCops.

Amazon India launches Saheli Store for women entrepreneurs

Amazon India launches a new programme, Amazon Saheli which is aiming at empowering and enabling women entrepreneurs across the country to sell their products on its marketplace.

Paytm officially launches Payments Bank

Paytm officially announced the launch of the most awaited service, Paytm Payments Bank, whose services were already available to everyone via the latest update to the Paytm app. In the additional announcement about bank’s online services.

Quantum encryption is faster enough for voice calls

Quantum encryption is a dream for security because with the help of this you can’t even inspect the data without altering it. Currently, it’s several times slower than the conventional kind, which makes it impractical for voice calls or streaming video.