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Apple Maps includes bike-sharing feature in 175 cities

Apple has recently come into a partnership with Ito World to add a new bike-sharing data feature in Apple Maps in over 175 cities across 36 countries. This feature doesn’t tell you the number of available bikes or empty docks, It just gives you the location.


Apple acquires Buddybuild at undisclosed amount

Apple has acquired Canadian startup Buddybuild, a mobile iteration platform focused on building integration and debugging tools for iOS developers, for an undisclosed sum. The spokesperson from Buddybuild added that they will no longer accept any new customer to provide services.

Apple apologises for slowing down the existing iPhones

Calfornia based tech company also announced a $50 reduction in the cost of iPhone battery replacements, which comes down from $79 to $29 and an iOS software update provides updates on iPhone battery health in the coming year.

Apple Pay makes its first deal with major french bank, Societe Generale

Apple has finally made its first agreement with a major French bank on Apple Pay, as Societe Generale. The agreement would offer its clients the chance to use the smartphone payment system. In a brief statement, Societe Generale […]

The biggest Market acquisition in Tech world worth $105 Billion

Broadcom with a bid of $130 billion may make the biggest acquisition in the techno world. If the deal takes place then Broadcom will become the 3rd largest of chipmakers just behind Intel and Samsung.

International warranty for new iPhones bought from outside India: Apple

Apple has recently announced the new iPhones to have the international warranty of one year all over the world including India.

Apple Launch: The most anticipated smartphone of the year

Apple has finally launched the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and the iPhone X at Steve jobs in Cupertino. As Tim Cook revealed the next gen iPhones, which he says will set the path of […]

Apple iPhone 8 to launch on September, 12

It’s the tenth anniversary of the iPhone – is now just weeks away. And it looks like there are barely any surprises left to reveal at the big launch, except the price.  As the times […]