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Fortnite is now available on iOS for everyone

Epic Games has officially announced about the launch of Fortnite: Battle Royal on mobile, so now anyone with an iPhone SE / 6S or later running iOS 11 can easily download the game from App Store and can jump directly into a match and experience the fun.


Fortnite Battle Royale is available on iOS and Android

Fortnite developer Epic Games has recently announced its entry of Fortnite Battle Royale on to iOS and Android devices, the incredibly popular free-to-play multiplayer game is available for both the platforms, phones, and tablets. Previously, Sony turned down Microsoft’s overtures.

Nintendo is shutting Miitomo App this year

Nintendo’s Miitomo is shutting down from 1:30pm IST on May 9 on Android and iOS. Miitomo will not allow you to access its features, check your messages, or use your items. Nintendo has mentioned that you can transfer your Mii to your Nintendo Account by linking it to Miitomo

Airbnb launched ‘Pay Less Up Front’ option for bookings

Airbnb launched a new feature on its platform known as “Pay Less Up Front”, this feature on Airbnb provides guests and users to pay a part of the entire amount at the time of booking and the rest of the amount can be payable later. Previously, the California-based company launched Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality for users.

Apple acquires Buddybuild at undisclosed amount

Apple has acquired Canadian startup Buddybuild, a mobile iteration platform focused on building integration and debugging tools for iOS developers, for an undisclosed sum. The spokesperson from Buddybuild added that they will no longer accept any new customer to provide services.

Twitter is testing a ‘Tweetstorm’ Feature on Android, iOS

Social networking company, Twitter is testing Tweetstorm feature in late September, and at the same time, was hidden from users. The feature allows the Twitterati to easily create a chain of individual tweets that exceed […]

Super Mario Run is back to the Apple’s Store

After a small removal, Super Mario Run has come back on the App Store. According to our earlier report that Nintendo’s game had been removed from Apple’s store without stating any reason for its temporary removal. However, this […]

Google’s “Trending Searches” feature now on iOS

Google’s search app on iOS has recently updated with a new feature similar to Twitter, like “Trending Searches” feature. If any users will tap onto the box to search, the app will automatically show searches […]