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After failing in 1993, Mario Movie is coming back from Nintendo

After the lacklustre live-action effort in 1993, Super Mario Bros., it’s coming back to the big screen with Illumination Entertainment and Universal Studios. The creator of Mario will co-produce the movie with Chris Meledandri and Universal Studios creator.


Nintendo is shutting Miitomo App this year

Nintendo’s Miitomo is shutting down from 1:30pm IST on May 9 on Android and iOS. Miitomo will not allow you to access its features, check your messages, or use your items. Nintendo has mentioned that you can transfer your Mii to your Nintendo Account by linking it to Miitomo

Nintendo Switch homebrew might become a reality

Nintendo Switch homebrew may soon be a reality. A recent hacking conference in Germany, 34c3 saw a team of thinkers and hackers which are Plutoo, Derek, and Naehwert gave a presentation on kernel hacks for the Nintendo Switch.

Super Mario Run introduces new character and levels

Super Mario Run may not have earned as much revenue as Nintendo would have expected but that hasn’t stopped the gaming company from supporting the game with frequent updates, developers are still trying to make it more innovative for […]

Super Mario Run gone missing from Apple’s App Store

Nintendo’s, Super Mario Run is removed from Apple’s App Store. According to some active users on Reddit, the game featuring Nintendo’s mascot is gone missing from App Store. One of the Reddit users mentioned that […]