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Google Lens is now available on Google Play

Google has revealed a standalone Lens app in Google Play so that users can easily access the feature but there have been reports that the app is not working on many Android devices like Moto Z Play, Nokia 7 Plus, and the Xiaomi Mi A1; it needs Android Marshmallow and above for using it.


Huawei wins the patent lawsuit against rival Samsung

Huawei sued Samsung in both China and the US for allegedly infringing on multiple wireless communication patents and passing whole year now a Shenzhen judge ruled against Samsung and ordered Samsung to stop selling any product using technology protected by the one patent.

Apple files patent for new foldable iPhone

Apple has filed a patent for an iPhone that may have a flexible portion that may allow the handset to be “opened and closed like a book.” This idea comes soon after a report stating that Apple was working with LG on a foldable iPhone.

The biggest Market acquisition in Tech world worth $105 Billion

Broadcom with a bid of $130 billion may make the biggest acquisition in the techno world. If the deal takes place then Broadcom will become the 3rd largest of chipmakers just behind Intel and Samsung.